Dear valued client,

Please advised: On the 29th of April, 2015 W3 was affected by a BC Hydro power outage, that disrupted power to the financial district of Vancouver’s downtown core. The outage was due to a BC Hydro cable issue.

As is normal procedure, W3 switched to UPS and generator power, however due to the loss of environmentals, in particular building ventilation, and the fact that many of our fiber providers only have a 2 hour runtime on their local routers, it was decided to safe power down some of the servers to minimize damage to the hardware.

You can read about the Vancouver downtown power outage here:

http://www.vancitybuzz.com/2015/04/power-outage-knocks-out-downtown-vancouver-business-district/ Contrary to the update in the Vancity article, power to our building was not fully restored until 5pm DS-PST. (see BC Hydro above).

Update: power outage occur due to “wire dug up” according to BC Hydro.

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